In this year I participated in my first math contest, Fem Matemàtiques. I first participated in the Barcelona phase and then in the Catalan one. For both phases we had some group problem-solving activities and an individual test (results). Two years later the Barcelona phase was held in my school and we presented the ceremony (picture).

Starting this year, every year for Sant Jordi (April 23rd, major festivity in Catalonia on books and roses) I wrote a short story about Sant Jordi, every year about a different element of the legend (the rose, the knight, the princess, and the books). Years after I put them together here (the first story is the actual Sant Jordi legend, and then there’s my stories).

Also for Sant Jordi I wrote a short piece for piano and for orchestra (not very complex) called Wind (originally Eerie actually). Here is the piano score, here the orchestra score, here the orchestra recording (with MuseScore), and here the piano recording (by me).