I participated in the program Explainers, an initiative organized by the scientific museum CosmoCaixa. We learnt the different modules of the museum and then during the weekends we became guides in the museum and explained the different exhibitions to the public.

My school also participated in the European Youth Parliament. This organization that functions in many European countries organizes sessions for young people to discuss European politics. I attended the sessions in Barcelona (video), Palma de Mallorca, and Menden, Germany (page about the International Summer Forum Menden), and was part of the organizing team for the Barcelona session in 2016. Picture from Menden, and another here.

During the summer I played the violin in the Mozartini Festival with the CEMB orchestra in southern Italy (picture). I also wrote a short piece for piano and orchestra called Life. Here is the orchestra score, here is the piano score, and here is the orchestra recording (with MuseScore).

Finally, this was the first time I participated in the Proves Cangur, the broadest quick math problem-solving contest in Catalonia, which also happens in other countries – Kangaroo (results; my school talking about it). Picture from the ceremony.