This year I left the school I had always been studying at, Escola Pia de Sarrià-Calassanç, to take part in the Batxillerat CiMs-Cellex scholarships in my new high school, Aula Escola Europea. The foundation CiMs-Cellex offered 25 scholarships to students in Catalonia to pursue a high school program focused on Mathematics and Physics while completing the Spanish scientific baccalaureate and the International Baccalaureate (IB) together. This program created an extremely intense and enriching environment at the high school and it was very fulfilling to be surrounded by classmates who shared a strong passion for Mathematics. Picture at the initial ceremony of the scholarship program. And picture two years later at the end.

I also took part in the program Joves i Ciència organized by Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera. This program funds three summers of scientific research to 50 students in Catalonia (my school talking about it). In the 2016 I attended an astrophysics summer camp close to the Pyrenees with great mentors (explanation of the program; our blog entry about our discoveries). Picture of the astrophysics group. Picture with the amazing night sky. Then during the fall we had to write a paper on any scientific paper that was supervised by Santi Roca-Fàbrega and Laia Casamiquela. So following the summer camp, I wrote my paper about black matter entitled Modeling of Galaxies, which you can read here. This was my first experience with scientific research and writing.

During the year, with two classmates from the Explainers program in the museum CosmoCaixa we created an app prototype to help homeless people in Barcelona using MIT App Inventor. The app helps homeless people localize on a map where one can get food, shelter, medical assistance, and other needs and it also displays the places in the city where one can donate food, clothes, and other materials. Here is a pitch of the prototype.

In the summer I played with the CEMB orchestra again but this time in Valdres, Norway.

A short poem that I wrote: La verdadera creació. Also, here is a short story about a ginkgo and a blackbird. Here is a short poem about the theatre play Boscos, and here is an extended ending to the play El Cafè de la Marina that I wrote with three classmates.

Finally, I participated in a telematic math contest that lasted several weeks called Marató de Problemes (results).