In this year I graduated from high school and started college at Harvard in the fall. I was the valedictorian of my class (9.96/10) and completed the International Baccalaureate exams (43/45), as well as the Spanish University Entry Exam (PAU) for which I obtained a distinction from the Catalan Government for the results (Distinció Pau). I also obtained the Extraordinary Baccalaureate Prize given by the Catalan Government (news here). Picture speaking at the high school graduation ceremony, and then here playing the violin. Then in the fall I started my undergrad at Harvard, so I moved to the US. Here is a picture at the Harvard commencement ceremony.

I was selected to represent Spain in the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad celebrated in Florence, Italy, where I obtained an Honorable Mention (see results). Here we talked about EGMO and women in math with the Real Sociedad Matemática Española. Here is a picture of the team, and here one at the closing ceremony. I was also selected to represent Spain in the EU Contest for Young Scientists (which I could not attend) for my research work on Number Theory.

This summer I participated in two short scientific research stays: the first one in The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Castelldefels, Spain, sponsored by the foundation CiMs-Cellex as part as my high school scholarship. The second one was in the Max-Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Garching, Munich, sponsored by the Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera as part of the program Joves i Ciència, which I shortly review here. My supervisor was Dr. Jordi Tura i Brugués.

This is a short fictional story I wrote about irrationality whose protagonist is the square root of 2 in a Pythagoric system entitled Irracionalitat, which you can read here. Also, here is a poem I wrote about the dichotomy between art and the real life entitled I on és l’art?.

As part of my coursework with Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science class, I elaborated a music web app for music composition with two classmates. Link to the web app. Link to the video explaining the project. Link to the source code.

Here is an essay about the five different endings that Richard Wagner conceived for the end of Der Ring des Nibelungen, which you can read here (speaking of Wagner, here is a short comparison between Wagner’s Ring and The Lord of the Rings that I wrote in 2017; also speaking of Wagner, here is a picture in Bayreuth where we saw Parsifal). I also wrote an essay about Hannah Arendt On Violence, see here, and an essay about Václav Havel The Power of the Powerless, that you can find here.

At Harvard I joined several clubs and student activities. I play the flute in the Harvard University Band, I play the (baroque) violin in the Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra, I was the speaker series organizer for the Harvard Gender Inclusivity in Mathematics group (where I invited math professors in the Boston area to give talks about their research and talk about their experience as women Mathematicians), I was the co-president of the Harvard Chapter of Circle of Women (a national non-profit organization working to improve the access to education of girls in under-developed countries), where we partnered with the Seseme Secondary Girls’ School in Kisoro, Uganda, to build bathrooms for their students (which had been destroyed) and drew attention to the importance of hygiene and dignity in education (especially for girls), and I also was the assistant director for Harvard Model United Nations in a specialized agency committee where we talked about the future of the European Union. Picture with the Harvard Band. Here you can donate to our Seseme project to improve girls’ education in Uganda.